Artists LOOMIT

LOOMIT Germany, Munich

It was a small media earthquake when LOOMIT and 6 friends painted the "Geltendorfer Zug" in 1985. It was the fist train bombing in Germany, one of the first in Europe. This instant fame only fueled the kid´s desire for graffiti and soon serious clashes with the law followed. After a couple of convictions and massive fame in the scene LOOMIT focused on the legal side of the game - soon to become one of the most recognized masters of 3D writing. Traveling the whole world and being the first ever to write graffiti in places like New Zealand or Hongkong made him a true gamechanger or in his words "Methusalem of the scene". The birthplace of his passion, the New York Bronx became his second home, the originators of graffiti his closest friends. In 2002 he received the Schwabinger Kunstpreis and arrived officially in the artworld. In 2015 our friends from iOnArt invited the legend to Mural Harbor to paint a very precious spot: the first wall facing the city and the heavily trafficked Industriezeile. After years of building up Mural Harbor it is an honor to have LOOMIT and his piece titled "Hafen Linz" spread that word that We Are Here!