Artists QUAKE

QUAKE United States, San Fransico

QUAKE started writing in 1986 and met LORD BIZR (R.I.P.) in 1992, who asked QUAKE to start a LORDS chapter in the Bay Area. At a random nightly encounter at a Berlin train station in 1996 PHEKT and SHUE met LORD JOLTS, a member of the Bay Area chapter of the LORDS Crew. After he went home from Europe JOLTS asked chapter head QUAKE to keep in touch with the boys from Austria. So they kept sending packages back and forth exchanging the hottest hip hop items such as sketches, magazines and mixtapes from each continent. A bond developed and trips were taken to visit each other and hang out for a couple of months in each others environment. The wall in Linz is a manifest of this bond and the origins of graffit.