Artists SHED

SHED Austria, Linz

Born in 1980 in Linz, Erich Willner aka SHED´s fist contact with a spray can was at a graffiti workshop and painting session at the Welser Schlachthof in 1992 with BURNS, LOOMIT AND TEC ROC. Heavily influenced by the experience SHED kept working his skills and going on trips through Europe. In the late Nineties SHED and his closest homies were invited to join the infamous LORDS Crew from California. In the next years a bond was deveolped to the original crew in the States and many trips to the Bay Area followed. After a couple of vandalism charges in 2003 SHED focused on oil painting for while, participating in international exhibitions. Nowadays SHED is painting walls and canvases alike, still pushes his graffiti level at Mural Harbor and passes on his experience in workshops to the kids.