Artists FLIX

FLIX Venezuela, Caracas

Born in 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela the pleasure and excitement for art came along at a very young age thanks to the intimate contact with his parents performing arts, such as photography, painting and music activities; later, studying architecture at the University allowed him to refine and develop his artistic ability, understanding and addressing more criteria, urban space; enjoying better handling of proportion, scale and dimensions intervene when large-scale spaces. "In my work I seek to capture the imagination that I carry inside, my dreams, frustrations, joys ... attempt to somehow translate part of the daily experience of interacting with the environment around me, the city, my loved ones. I like to intervene the urban space using various means Trying to break the monotony of gray and transit the city dweller. The urban space is the stage where we are protagonists of our little stories I am interested in generating interventions that trigger something in the head of the passerby, waking emotions and concerns that demonstrate the paradoxes and absurdities of everyday situations and through these interventions transform a little reality around us and sensitize the peopleā€¦"